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Tom R. Chambers

In the shadows of the Pioneers of Abstraction, these Pixelscapes begin to approach a true abstract visual language in Digital Art. The compositions cease to function as a reflection of reality through image magnification and pixel configuration. It is hoped that they are capable of evoking a spiritual experience and in keeping with similar beliefs of the early Pioneers. These Pioneers practiced Art as a metaphysical quest for higher truth, and these Pixelscapes possibly move in a similar quest or direction as it relates to placement, juxtaposition and color-field excitation. In favor of felt experience, these Pixelscapes, begin to transcend the Digital Art genre by making use of themselves and within, or in other words, this quest for higher truth is Minimalist in its approach, and because of the magnification, a revelation of sorts exists through seen pixels. The various namesakes are to move them ... explain them ... in the direction of Realism, and to remove these namesakes is the appropriate action to understand them as they are ... expressions of universal harmony evoking bliss and wonder.

Tom R. Chambers
Tom R. Chambers is a documentary photographer and visual artist with over thirty "real" world exhibitions in the United States, England, Australia, Zimbabwe and South Korea and several "virtual" world exhibitions. He is self-taught with numerous photo/visual arts workshops and arts public programming to his credit. He founded and directed a photography gallery, Viewpoint, which catered to nationally-known photographers and was mentioned in American Photo Magazine. Many of his projects are now a part of various archives around the world, and he's currently working with digital manipulation/generation as an art form and 'Pixelscapes' under the namesake of New Directions. He's heavily involved on the Internet, having initiated and coordinated two hyperlinked photo exhibitions for PhotoForum and under the auspices of the Rochester Institute of Technology. He's also managing an online gallery ... Focus Gallery ... for those who utilize digital manipulation/generation as an art form, and teaching documentary photography at various Web sites.

Artist's Statement:
"I try to nurture the psyche to a level where the technique becomes second nature, so the subconscious prevails over the conscious (the physical doing). For me, this is where this quality called, 'creative', or the ability to make 'art', is found within all of us. Technique is only a means to that end, but many would-be artists flounder, because they have become good craftsmen only, by mastering just the technique and not themselves (their subconscious). Once this subconscious comes to the forefront with a medium, and in this case, digital, the image or the incorporation of the image as a part of a whole, transcends the medium and becomes 'truth' for its creator. In other words, the image itself or as an item, has no significance. What is significant is the ability of the artist's subconscious to offer 'truth' through the image or the incorporation of the image as a part of a whole to evoke viewer response and effect change, whether it's within the subtleties of a straight-forward image or within a blatant juxtaposition of an image with other media."

Tom Chambers Documentary and Visual Arts: http://tomchambers.0catch.com/

E-Mail Tom Chambers at chambersdva@yahoo.com

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