Red Sweep

In the shadows of the Pioneers of Abstraction, this Pixelscape (Red Sweep) begins to approach a true abstract visual language in Digital Art. This composition ceases to function as a reflection of reality through image magnification and pixel configuration. I would hope that it is capable of evoking a spiritual experience and in keeping with similar beliefs of the early Pioneers. These Pioneers practiced Art as a metaphysical quest for higher truth, and this Pixelscape possibly moves in a similar quest or direction as it relates to placement, juxtaposition and color-field excitation. In favor of felt experience, Abstraction, vis-a-vis, this Pixelscape, begins to transcend the Digital Art genre by making use of itself and in itself, or in other words, this quest for higher truth is within, inside and a part of and again because of the magnification, a revelation of sorts exists through seen pixels. The namesake, Red Sweep, is to move it ... explain it ... in the direction of Realism, and to remove this namesake is the appropriate action to understand it as is ... an expression of universal harmony evoking bliss and wonder.